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Water Controller


Fundamentally a water management system for land, but with a large swath of other abilities.

Typical sites:- for golf courses, large park areas, apartments, houses on tank or well water, schools, prisons, farms, hospitals and other facilities that have the need for water monitoring due to government requirements. Remote rental and holiday house/resort/asset that need long distance monitoring and control. This can be anywhere on the earth.

Complete customisable control of water resources, such as running pumps, tank levels, well levels, water usage, UV steriliser performance can all be monitored on a browser and SMS and email alerts can be sent if a system goes into alarm. The controller does not require an internet connection to operate. Once programmed it will continue to operate its default program and store data until a connection to the internet is available. The data storage is determined by the data sampling intervals.

The controller can also be used at the same time for security, energy management, generator control, air condition monitoring, alternative power systems.

Web Interface

To view data and control the device simply log onto the website, enter your user name and password and experience the controller live! Since the system is web based anyone worldwide can access the site and view data in real time. This saves time and money having to access local intranet servers and adds flexibility.

Client Service

The Web Server is setup so that a client such as a water carrier can connect and manage its own customers. This gives the water carrier full control of their day to day operation and a proactive approach to their business rather than a reactive approach with customers running out of water.

UV Monitoring and Control

uv graph image

  • Sterilight compatible
  • Direct Interface of UV transducers
  • Various Local alarms available
  • Complete UV data reporting live via the internet
  • UV alerts via Email & SMS

Water Tank and Pump Control

  • Multiple Tank level monitoring in real time
  • Water distribution programming allowing for maximising water storage capacity
  • Full pump control utilizing onboard programming and manual control via the internet
  • Data reporting on system pressure pump run hours, temperature, pump starts and more
  • Lower water and pressure alarms both locally and via the internet email and SMS including emergency shut down
  • Water usage using various devices
  • Protection against burst pipes and excess water usage
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